Reverend Dr. Frank J. Higgins Sr.

Triangle Family Services
Located at
9122 S. San Pedro St.
Los Angeles Ca. 90003
Here's Whats New !!!
Triangle Christian Family Services
Women's Shelter For Homeless Women & Children
has been improved with new services offered.

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what we are doing here at Triangle.
Triangle Family Services
A Service for the Family
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(323) 242-0046
We've been in business for
over 1
2 years
Our endeavor is to
"Keep Families Together!"
Triangle Family Services is an organization that is part of the Family Preservation
Network devoted to the development of families that are in distress.

Our Goal here is to “Keep Families Together”.

Our organization was Founded by the late Dr. Frank J. Higgins Sr. Pastor of
the “True Way” Baptist Church Located at 9122 South San Pedro St. in the city
of Los Angeles California.

Dr. Higgins was gifted with capability and vision to serve his community in an
effective manner.

Being a family man himself, Dr. Higgins saw the importance of  keeping families

Through out the Years of his Ministry, Dr Higgins was able to witness first hand
the multiple distresses that families had to endure when state agencies would
come into their homes  and separate them because of negative situations and
frivolous reports which resulted in long legal process’s that would cause
emotional damage and compound financial distress and then inevitably cause
the destruction of a family through separation.

Triangle Family Services is an Organization dedicated to the healing of this kind
of circumstance. “

“We want to preserve the Family”!!!!